Bath Conversions

Bath Conversions

Our bathroom is sometimes our haven. It holds secrets we cannot share with the world. Thus, keeping it alive and updated is what responsible homeowners do. To make it happen, you can avail of bathroom conversion services from trusted contractors like Bathroom Remodel Louisville.

Our services will turn your bathroom into something new, something unique yet pleasing to the eye. If you don’t know what a bathroom conversion is, read about the subtypes of this service below:

  • Shower to tub conversion – As the name suggests, this service helps you turn your rusty shower into a gorgeous tub. Our contractors will come to your home, check your current shower, and will quickly replace it with a tub of your choice. The greater news is, we can do it in a single day! You can now enjoy a warm bath in a tub full of petals with a glass of wine in your hand. Sounds cozy, right? Thus, consult with Bathroom Remodel Louisville if you believe that this is the perfect service you require.
  • Tub to shower conversion – This service is practically the same as above. Still, instead of a shower, you are replacing your tub. Most property owners that use this service want a change of ambiance and enjoy a wider bathroom space. Tub-to-shower conversion is an efficient way to maximize your bath space and turn your bathroom into a luxurious place. If you are frustrated with your old-fashioned tub, turn it into a convenient shower. Use the services here at Bathroom Remodel Louisville, and we’ll make your experience as seamless as possible.

If you want further information about these two types of bath conversion services, continue reading.

Shower to Tub

Shower to tub conversion is an increasingly popular service among homeowners. The reason is mainly that it is the best way to boost the market value of their home. Shower to tub conversion is best if your bath has enough space for a complete replacement. Homeowners also take this opportunity to replace their old bathroom fixtures and change the overall look of their bathroom for a complete bathing experience.

Since plumbing is required when converting a shower to a tub, it is highly recommended for you to hire professionals like Bathroom Remodel Louisville. Quickly transform your bathroom by following proper steps in the selection process for your shower-to-tub conversion.

There are a lot of challenges that come with shower-to-tub conversion. It requires pipe fittings, budgeting, sizing, and finishing. Also, there are some cases where a bathroom is too narrow to install a standard size tub. So, planning is a crucial step when remodeling your bathroom. But do not worry too much. We will give you our proposed design for your bathroom to see what your room will look like after the renovation process. Also, we will be giving you samples of fixtures you can use to have a better vision of what you want.

Before the tub installation begins, we will conduct first a thorough measurement of your space. Our designers will also assist you in choosing what tub will suit your bathroom best. You have great endless options you can choose from to create the bathroom of your dreams. That’s the fun part when you partner with Bathroom Remodel Louisville. We care for your convenience; thus, we do all the legwork and present the best result. Contact us today so we can talk more about your shower to tub conversion project.

Tub to Shower

Nothing can beat the relaxation you experience that comes with a bubbly bath in a luxurious tub. However, not everyone has the resources to install or maintain even a standard tub. Thus, some choose to convert their old bathtub into a shower rather than re-installing a new one. Showers cost lower than tubs, especially when it comes to water usage. Since filling a tub with water is costlier than a 10-minute shower, many homeowners choose to enjoy the financial convenience of showers.

Another reason why tub-to-shower conversion is trendy is that it is space-friendly. It doesn’t matter if you own a 5×7 bathroom. Installing a shower is the best choice. You can’t possibly fit a tub in a tiny room like that; thus, showers are the best solution to your space issues.

If you are one of those who find showers more convenient and affordable, consult now with Bathroom Remodel Louisville. They are the best contractors to work with for your tub-to-shower conversion project. Their team of experts will give you multiple shower options and materials to choose from. Call them now and experience their excellent service.

One-Day Bathroom Conversion

Some may think that bathroom conversions are time-consuming. But in reality, they are not! Especially when you entrust the task to the contractors at Bathroom Remodel Louisville. They have all the means and the necessary skills to finish your bathroom conversion in just a day! Working with them is undeniably the best decision you’ll ever make. We are also proud to tell you that we have a team of expert designers that can help you turn your bathroom into a deluxe space, regardless of its size.

Bathroom Remodel Louisville is an expert at one-day bathroom conversions. Their contractors are the kings when it comes to prompt installation of bathroom fixtures. Thus, consult with them now and tell them your bathroom conversion needs.

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